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Engineering Support For Your Factory 

What we do

We Provide Engineering Support, Cover and Maintenance For Manufacturers 

Planned Maintenance

We can provide you with support for planned maintenance, either as additional engineers to cover planned maintenance or we can take control of your maintenance on a contract basis.

Ensuring high efficiencies from your production lines and plant as well as minimum downtime.


Breakdown Maintenance

When things do go wrong and your plant or machinery breaks down we can provide fast engineering support to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Our engineers are highly trained in repairing breakdowns with many of them being multi skilled with the ability and experience to effectively diagnose and repair both mechanical and electrical failures.

Engineering Cover

All departments go through shortages in staffing, engineering is no different.
We can provide engineering cover when your engineering team is stretched.

All of our engineers are multi-skilled and experienced in the food industry, they understand the standards of work necessary and are used to working to a high level in both hygiene and health and safety.

Cover can be provided for:

  • Sickness
  • Holiday cover
  • High demand periods

Providing both ad-hoc and longer term cover.


Our Latest Work

A selection of our latest installs and modifications