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This Friday Night I was looking forward to having a BBQ in the sun and a couple of cold ones…

Cambridgeshire Fens Big Skies

Instead I found myself in the Big Skies of the Cambridgeshire Fens, supporting a manufacturer that was having some issues getting their bagging machines serviced while working flat out.

This time of year is normally busy for them but this year due to the added demand from the COVID19 lockdown they where experiencing increased demand even on top of their seasonal peak.

This left no where to go for maintenance to be done on the machines and their line efficiencies where suffering because of it.

We’ve had a relationship with them for a few years and made arrangements to assist them with routine servicing over the coming weeks during the evenings/nights.

On this site they pack fruit for the supermarkets and have a number of Giro Bagger UB-65’s these make the netted bags you find your Oranges and Lemons in.

Giro UB-65 Bagging Machine

They are quite a mechanical machine and really need regular attention to keep them running well and efficiently, there are lots of moving parts, bushes, linear bearings, shafts etc that need Cleaning, Inspecting and Lubing – the residue from the Citrus also adds to the issue.

If the maintenance on these packing machines is kept up they run fairly well, which means more product out of the door for the manufacturer and also by regularly getting “under the hood” we can notice problems before they become “show stoppers” such as this collapsed bearing on the outfeed conveyor – as I said before these machines haven’t seen much maintenance lately so ideally this would of been picked up a few weeks ago, as it is the shaft may now need replacing as well.

Damaged bearing on conveyor shaft

A few hours spent and this machine is good to go for another production run, cleaned and with some fresh grease on the shafts.

This factory has 6 of these UB-65 Giro Baggers so we’ll be heading over again next weekend on the next window to get some maintenance done.

Over all another sucessful job, a healthy machine ready to help feed the nation and a happy customer.

UB-65 Giro Bagger Gripper Clamp