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Throughout the last decade the standard route to getting a short term contract engineer has been by using an Engineering Agency. This is how we started to get work but there are many problems with this route…

Firstly as the shortage of Engineering Skills that has been predicted for at least 20 years – since I was an apprentice (makes me feel old) has now hit the engineering agencies wanting to fill the shortages in the factories (and their pockets) have put anyone in to a role with the vaguest of experience in Engineering.

It seems that

If you know one end of a spanner from the other you’re in…

This has lead to compounding problems in factories, poor work quality, miss diagnosis of breakdowns etc etc leading to further stretching the Engineering teams rather than supporting them.

From my time contracting the other contractors put in by the Engineering Agency have for the most part have been put into a place as a

Dual Skilled Engineer

But in most cases they have had No Skills, No Ability, No Drive, Unreliable Basically No Use

In most cases I and the other Real Engineers I know are having to carry these people – who are on the same money.

It Makes No Sense

This is No Use To The Business, Costs Money and Frustrates Everyone

There is a better way, a way to guarantee the skill set, ability and professionalism of the Engineers you are using to fill short term Engineering Shortages, Service work, One Off Jobs etc

That is to use

A Specialist Engineering Company

Which is what lead me to starting Engineering Support so we can provide the specialist support Food Factories need without you having to go to en engineering agency and playing the “Contractor Lottery” over the years I’ve worked with some really good engineers, have kept in touch with them and now help to offer them work where they are appreciated and shielded from the frustrations of working with no hopers.

If you have a shortage either on your core team or are struggling to get PPM’s done or the remedial work done get in touch and there is a good chance we can help you.

We also have a machine shop so can help with machining parts etc.