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When doing a CFS Fryers service attention needs to be payed to the Grates or Guides that guide the wire belt through the fryer, these guides are designed to wear with the motion of the belt travelling over them.

What you don’t want is a situation like the one below where the guides have been left too long and failed, picking up on one of the fryer wire belts and creating a big mess.

damaged wire belt cfs fryer

This jam up took a good couple of hours to sort out, a cost the company a lot in lost revenue due to the line being stopped.

All told it was about 3 hours downtime. When you factor in the cooling down, doing the work to repair the problem and then cleaning and heating the fryer up again to production temperature.

As mentioned these guides do wear and need to be checked regularly by means of a good visual inspection to monitor the wear, when the guides are sufficiently worn they need changing for new.

Damaged belt guide

Also attention needs to be payed to the wear on the wire belt, when the belt is too far worn it will start to break up. You can see the wear on the belt where it travels over the guides.

We manufacture high quality replacement guides at great prices, we can also arrange to come to your factory and fit these and service your fryers to ensure they are in top condition, our engineers are also thermal oil trained.

If you want to know more about our parts service or CFS Fryer Service or Processing Machine Servicing get in touch today.

Other areas to pay attention to on CFS Fryers are the belt drives, the motors for these, bearings and shafts, these do wear and get damaged with the harsh environment that they operate in.

There are also chain drives that need lubrication and checking for wear and quite a few bushes on various parts of the fryer.