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The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused a lot of shortages to already stretched Engineering Teams in the Food industry.

We are seeing higher demand than usual but still have some availability with our Experienced Dual Skilled Food Maintenance Engineers.

If you are experiencing shortages or anticipating to be over the next few weeks due to the Coronavirus and the extra demands this has put on to the food industry please get in touch.

Our guys are ready to go, we do need to check your counter measures are adequate to keep everyone safe and where able to we already carry our own masks and visors although like everyone else we are struggling to replenish our supplies as quite rightly these are being diverted to the NHS on the front line.

Our guys also come with their own tools and enough back up equipment to be able to work independently which is important for some smaller factories without huge budgets and fully stocked workshops.

Our Machine shop is also ready to cope with the likely demand for parts over the coming months as supply chains are stretched.

Rest assured we will do all we can to keep your factory running.